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Labour Relations

The UAE labour law is a federal law enforced by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation, also known as MoHRE. It’s applicable to all the emirates and meets the requirements of international law. However, it has some features inherent only in labour relations arising on the territory of the United Arab Emirates.

While doing business in another country, you need to be especially careful building legal relationships with your staff. All countries, including the UAE, tries to protect the rights of its workers, and all business entities are required to observe the norms of labour law standards.

The vast majority of workers in the United Arab Emirates are foreigners, which means their stay and status in the country must be legal. This can be confirmed by work permissions and documents enabling them to live on the territory of the UAE.

In the majority of cases, our clients think about the labour law at the beginning stages of a business, when the owner of the registered company should find out all the information of labour relations in a new state, including the procedure for hiring and the dismissal of workers, working environment, working hours, vacation issues and more. It also includes the development of personnel documentation, such as standard employment contracts, local acts of the enterprise and more.

Consultations with our specialists will help you to avoid any unpleasant situations with employees and any related serious consequences for the enterprise.

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