Trademark Registration

Our company provides clients with the full procedure for a trademark registration.

Providing a complete and clear picture of the business prospects and risks

Litigation in courts (including DIFC and ADGM) & arbitrations

Detailed written reports during all case stages

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Complete Trademark Registration Procedure

As the United Arab Emirates hasn’t signed the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks, in order to protect the trademark, an individual should submit an official request to the Ministry of Economy Development of Innovation in the Economy and Patents Department (DIEPD) for a patent.

Keep in mind that the examination of the application does not guarantee the registration of a trademark. After verification, the trademark is published in two editions, and in case third parties object to the registration of the trademark within 30 days, they will be promptly answered.

Our company carries out the full trademark registration procedure, which usually consist of the following four steps:

  1. Checking the name in the existing database of the Ministry of Economy of the UAE
  2. Examination of the application by the Ministry of Economy
  3. Publication of announcements about the registration of trademark in two local newspapers
  4. Getting a certificate of registration of the trademark

The process takes anywhere from six months to two years to finalize. However, from the moment you apply for the trademark, it cannot be registered in anyone else's name until you receive an official response, no matter if it will be rejected or approved.

The certificate of the trademark registration is issued for ten years and can be extended for the same period after it ends.

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