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Corporate tax in the UAE

In June 2023, a new corporate tax came into effect in the UAE. The tax is imposed on both individuals and legal entities, including companies in the free economic zones, who conduct industrial, commercial, agricultural, vocational, service or other activities on a permanent basis in the UAE, using tangible or intangible property.

The tax rate ranges from 0 % to 9 % and depends on the amount of income earned. Companies in the free economic zones are able to take advantage of a reduced tax rate.


VAT in the UAE

In the UAE, consumers of goods and services are subject to 5 % VAT. This is an indirect tax that applies at all stages of sale.

Some goods and services have a 0 % VAT rate. These include residential real estate, life insurance, certain financial services, etc.

Registered companies are responsible for collecting VAT from their customers. They must register for VAT themselves and keep tax credit and debit invoices.


Custom duties in the UAE

Commercial goods in the UAE are subject to customs duties at a rate of 5 % of Customs, Insurance, Freight (CIF). Certain goods are subject to higher rates: alcohol is taxed at 50 %, while tobacco products are taxed at 100 %.

Categories that are exempt from customs duties include personal and second-hand items, and goods that are exported from the UAE, or imported by charitable organisations, etc.


Renewal of Licenses in the UAE

A license is required to conduct any business activity in the UAE. The license is issued for a year, after which it must be renewed.

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING assists its clients in not only opening new companies, but also maintaining them in working order, including the timely renewal of all permits which are necessary for doing business.


Amendments to Statutory Documents

At any stage of the existence of the company, changes can be made to the licensed list of activities, any change of details for the founders, the authorized capital or even the name of the company. We are ready to assist you in all these issues.


Company Liquidation

In case you decide to liquidate a company, without regarding its place of registration in the UAE, the procedure will require the appointment of a liquidator, or at least the submission of an audit report proving the absence of debts. We will assist you with both voluntary and forced liquidation of companies in the UAE.


Auditing Services

Our company offers voluntary and statutory audit services.

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Creating Business Plans

A business plan contains a detailed description of the project with calculations and forecasts for the next several years. It’s needed both by potential investors and partners, as well as by the bank in which you plan to open a corporate account or obtain finances from. Our specialists take into account the maximum number of factors, as we know everything about the pitfalls and additional costs that those who plan to start a business in the UAE don’t even think about.


Accounting Services & Tax Accounting

Using our accounting services will help you get the desired result without the unnecessary obligations.


Labour Law

Our professionals have a wealth of experience with working with clients in a wide range of sectors and can assist you with any labour law issues.


ESR (Economic Substance Regulations)

ESR (Economic Substance Regulations) is a set of requirements that came into force in 2020 for foreign companies which operate in the UAE. Compliance with these requirements is necessary to present a legitimate economic activity of the company.

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING offers services for a comprehensive analysis of your company's activities in the UAE. Our experts will help in determining the compliance of your business in accordance with ESR requirements and prepare a report in case it’s necessary.


Registry of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO)

All companies registered in the UAE, including organizations licensed to operate in the free economic zones, must register the data of the UBO — Ultimate Beneficial Owner. This requirement reflects the goal of the UAE government to develop the business environment in accordance with international standards.

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING provides services for the preparation of beneficiaries, partners and shareholders registers, registers maintenance, as well as updating information in case it’s necessary.