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Conducting cases in courts, arbitration and DIFC and ADGM courts

Detailed written reports at all stages of the case

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Legalization of documents in the UAE

Entrust the task of legalizing documents to us and we will save you both time and effort. Your documents will be correctly translated and will successfully pass the legalization procedure.

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING will provide assistance with the legalization of any documents for you, your family and your company, as we will take care of the whole process.


Obtaining a Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)

Tax residency is the status of a person (natural or legal) for tax purposes. The status of a tax resident is the "binding" of an individual to a certain state.

The UAE is one of the most attractive countries for living and doing business in the world. There are bilateral agreements on the avoidance of double taxation, which allows minimizing tax payments between the UAE and most countries of the world. METROPOLITAN CONSULTING will provide you with assistance in collecting the necessary documents and obtain a certificate of a UAE tax resident.


Getting references

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING will provide assistance to quickly and efficiently collect the necessary references from various authorities. The circle of our clients includes both individuals and companies.