Renewal of Licenses
in the UAE

A license is required to conduct any business activity in the UAE. The license is issued for a year, after which it must be renewed.

Ensuring the smooth operation of your business in the UAE

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Preparation of all the necessary documents

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We will take care of the collection and submission of all the necessary documents, including the submission of audit reports so you won’t need to come to the UAE for these purposes. An indisputable benefit is that our services will be much cheaper than a trip to the UAE. We can also tell your employees about the procedures for renewing licenses and registrations, as well as show you how to complete the necessary package of documents.

All companies in the UAE get business documents for a limited period of time, usually for a year. After the expiration of the license or registration, like in the case with offshore companies that don’t have licenses, they must be renewed and the relevant license and / or registration fees must be paid. This must be done in accordance with the period established by the authorities, as quite significant fines are charged for late license payment and registration.

Each registration authority in the UAE offers its own list of requirements for the renewal of the license. The process can take anywhere from two to three business days, whilst in other cases, it’s better to begin all the preparations at least 30 days before the expiration of the license.

Types of Licenses

Any company in the UAE is licensed at the place of its registration, and usually, at the time of its opening.

Any license is issued for a year, after which it must be renewed. Conditions and terms of the renewal depend on the type of company, as well as the type of activity and place of registration. Depending on the specialization, the company may require the approval of authorized bodies. This particularly applies to industries such as construction, medicine, real estate and financial services. The process of approval can take a couple of days or several weeks.

The following types of licenses are provided for companies in the UAE:

  • Trade license
  • Industrial license
  • Services license
  • License for freelancers

In order to renew your license, you will need a package of documents that our specialists can prepare for you. In several cases, a simple application and payment is enough, while in other cases, the process can be more lengthy, since you will need to prepare an audit report for the past financial year, update the lease, the registration and get additional approvals from the relevant authorities.

Our professionals will remind you of the deadline of the license renewal in advance, eliminating the possibility of any penalties for late document submission. We can complete the entire procedure without your presence, and you won’t need to come to the UAE to do it.

Apart from our flawless license renewal service, we will inform you regarding any changes in the UAE commercial law and provide up-to-date information concerning new requirements for doing business in the state.

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