Legal Services

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING has been operating in the Emirati market since 2008 and has proven itself to be a reliable partner in legal and administrative issues, as well as finding solutions for their clients in the UAE.

Providing a complete and clear picture of the business prospects and risks

Litigation in courts (including DIFC and ADGM) & arbitrations

Detailed written reports during all case stages

Transparent & clear pricing policy

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List of Rendered Legal Services

It’s not easy to enter the international market or to develop an already established business in Dubai, or any of the other emirates within the country without professional legal assistance.

A lawyer in the UAE is a specialist who must not only know the specifics of the legal subtleties but also be immersed in the Middle Eastern environment and understand everything about local culture, which requires a special type of behaviour pattern and its own strategies.

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING provides integrated legal support services in the UAE. We offer a full range of procedures, which includes effective organizational activities and competent work with various businesses in the country.

We will assist in organizing a profitable business at the highest level, taking into account local legislation, norms and features of the market. Extensive knowledge concerning these issues allows our professionals in Dubai and other emirates to solve questions quickly and efficiently. You can use the services of our experts to obtain legal support in a range of matters relating to your business. We will make every effort to make your business develop and prosper.

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Commercial & Consumer Debt Recovery in the UAE

Commercial and consumer debt recovery in the UAE. Representation in courts.


Representation in Courts

We work with competent lawyers with repeated victories in courts.


Trademark Registration

Our company provides clients with the full procedure for a trademark registration.


Disputes Concerning Real Estate

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING is ready to assist you in difficult cases concerning real estate, as well as resolve real estate disputes through litigation and pre-trial settlement.

Our company will help you draw up a an accurate lawsuit, as well as collect and prepare all the documents which are necessary to protect your interests in the court.