Getting references

METROPOLITAN CONSULTING will provide assistance to quickly and efficiently collect the necessary references from various authorities. The circle of our clients includes both individuals and companies.

Obtaining permits and letters of no objection in the UAE

Obtaining a certificate of UAE tax residency

Extracts from registers

Credit histories


METROPOLITAN CONSULTING will help you to quickly and efficiently collect the necessary reference from various authorities, and the circle of our clients includes both companies and individuals.

We will properly legalize all documents that are required to be presented outside the UAE and the Arab countries of the Gulf, and will send them by courier to your specified address.

Our company will receive these types of references within the shortest time possible:

  • consent of the registering authority to register another company
  • consent to register a vehicle and obtain a driver’s license
  • Tax Domicile Certificate
  • References of good condition and powers of companies
  • References of no criminal record and police records
  • Certificate of origin
  • References from customs
  • References from the bank on the absence/ presence of debts
  • Salary references
  • Statements from educational institutions

as well as any other documents that you may need.

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For individuals

Foreign nationals who have received a resident visa on the territory of the UAE are actually equated in their rights and obligations to indigenous citizens, in accordance with the laws of the UAE. This state of affairs makes expat life much easier, but at the same time foreigners with the right of residence are required to obtain the same certificates and permits as UAE citizens. Individuals can get the appropriate permits either independently, or with the help of an authorized intermediary who will act on your behalf.

The following references may be needed by individuals in the UAE:

  • Reference from the bank about the absence / presence of debts.
  • Extracts from educational institutions.
  • Tax Domicile Certificate, which acts as a documentary confirmation that the applicant is formally a tax resident of the UAE. The owner of this certificate avoids double taxation if his/her business interests affect not only the UAE, but also other jurisdictions. The UAE Ministry of Finance issued the Tax Domicile Certificate, which is intended for submission to the tax authorities of a particular state in which the applicant intends to confirm his/her tax status. The validity period of the document is one year.
  • Salary reference, which is provided by the employer as a documentary proof of employment and the applicant's right to receive wages. The document contains detailed information about the organization, income and position, and is issued at the request of an employee. In most cases, it is printed on a letterhead with the seal and signature of an authorized person. When applying for a loan or credit card, a salary reference is an obligatory document.
  • Reference of absence of criminal records and police records. An individual can get this document from any police department in the UAE. Such a reference is proof that a particular person has not acted as an accused and has no criminal precedents. It can be received by a citizen of any state, regardless of the status of a resident. If you are a resident of the UAE, you need to submit an appropriate application at any department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to obtain a certificate. Individuals have to fill out a questionnaire and pay a service fee (this can be done through an electronic payment system). In the case if you are not a resident of the UAE, you will have to add a fingerprint card issued in your state of permanent residence to the application and certify it at the UAE Embassy.

For legal entities

Getting permits and references is an added stress for both individuals and legal entities. It is mandatory to all UAE companies to carry out their activities strictly within the framework of the law, on the basis of a state license being obtained. But local businesses may need to go through more than just licensing. Depending on the specifics of the company's work, the list of necessary documents may include:

  • Consent of the registering authority to register another company. The process of opening and doing almost any business in the UAE is strictly regulated. Sometimes, the competence of the regulatory body is not sufficient for the organization of its own business and therefore, is required to obtain additional consent from line ministries and government agencies. This applies particularly to companies working in the field of healthcare, finance, etc. Information about all the necessary permits for each specific type of business can be obtained on the website of the Dubai Department of Economic Development. You need to select the section "Search for activities" and find the necessary industry on the first page of the portal. There will be a note about the need to coordinate the company's work with third-party authorities in the description. You have to make an appointment with a specialist of the institution you need, and get a list of requirements for issuing a permit, if you still need to get a reference of absence of objections.
  • The certificate of origin is an official document which certifies the state of origin of the imported and exported goods. The certificate helps local authorities to correctly determine the production conditions, tariff rates, as well as other factors related to import-export operations. Certificates include two types: the first one implies reduced tariff rates and other privileges when importing /exporting goods, while the second type does not give any obvious advantages. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce issues the certificates of origin.

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