How long can holders of residency visas stay outside the UAE?

For visa holders in the UAE, there are minimum allowable periods of being abroad. If a person has a residency visa valid for 2 years, they can stay outside the UAE for a maximum of 360 consecutive days if they wish to maintain their residency status. For family members of visa holders, the maximum period is 180 days. Failure to comply with these set limitations may result in the cancellation of the residency visa.

Holders of 5-year retirement visas and their family members can stay outside the UAE for the entire duration of their residency visas. However, they must return to the Emirates one month before the visa expires in order to renew it

Holders of the Golden Visa, issued for 10 years, and their family members can stay outside the UAE without any restrictions until the expiration of their visas. To avoid interrupting the validity of the residency visa, it is advisable to re-enter the country one month before the expiration date and renew it.

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