Entrepreneurs and startups in the UAE can use any of the 19 free contract templates to set up and run their business

The UAE Ministry of Economy (MoEc), together with Al Tamimi & Company, has launched the ‘Standard Contracts’ initiative to support entrepreneurs and startups. Interested parties will be able to download templates of the contracts that are most commonly used when setting up companies and starting new businesses, all free of charge directly from the MoEc website.

This will allow them to save money on legal services, and simplify the process of setting up their business and conducting trade.

MoEc is offering 19 standard contract templates, all free of charge, such as registering a sole proprietorship, establishing a limited liability company, management, trademark licensing and more.

Company owners and entrepreneurs will be able to post these documents on their websites. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the templates are owned by the UAE Ministry of Economy and Al Tamimi & Company.

This measure to support businesses is aimed at creating a more flexible and competitive business environment, and facilitating the growth and expansion of startup companies in the UAE. As a result, the Emirates will strengthen its reputation as the country of choice for entrepreneurs and startups from around the world.

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